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An Urgent Matter That I Need To Address. An Urgent Matter That I Need To Address.

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Dude, I've been exactly where you have. A punk at my school thought it'd be funny to call the cops and tell them me and my bro had a gun. We were walking down town in our little small town like we normally do, it was kinda dark, getting late, and next thing you know outta fucking no where we're surrounded by cop cars. All the cops get out, pull their guns, and shout "GET ON THE GROUND NOW". Next thing you know me and my bro are in handcuffs, and all they kept asking was "where's the gun?" After about a couple hours, they realized the kid was being a punk and wasted everyone's time, they were super pissed. I wasn't too mad at them, they were just doing their job. But point is dude, i've been where you're at. Don't let it get you down man. Life's hard. But you can't let it keep you down. Be strong, and go on, try to have a positive out look dude.

Vangantem-Militem responds:

Yeah, I see. The thing is, I'm being portrayed as a violent sociopath. I can't go back to school because someone will most definitely try to start shit with me, physically. And if I get in any fights, It'll just make me look worse. So I'm being kept away for my safety and the safety of others. I appreciate you sympathizing with this, thank you.