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2017-07-13 07:48:28 by SMOKER9

I do like to do these posts both for my friends and fans who like to keep up to date, as well as for myself to reflect upon no matter how good or bad. So for the last couple months i've been moving into my new place with my mom and brother, and it's been pretty hectic. Not a lot of free time to draw, and even less to work on comics, which is probably for the best on that part. I don't mind doing errands for my family, it makes me feel pretty useful. And I hae all night to draw like usual. 

Currently been drawing a looooooooooooot of deathmetal/heavy metal inspired work. Some say it's some of my best work, others say the poses are boring or unimaginative. But right now as of this point i'm really enjoying what I draw, it is getting me a lot of nice feedback, people seem to enjoy the grisly gnarly cartoony deathmetal style stuff, and I really like making it. Again, like some of you may know already if you've read my previous posts, I am inspired by artists such as Johnny Ryan and Jimmy Giegerich, as well as old school manga. I really enjoy pushing my imagination to it's limits, and it helps using a art style and method i'm currently comfortable with. 

This post won't be too long as i'm currently working on a piece right now as I type this. So i'll probably add to it later. 

Until then P34C3!!!!!


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