What if...?

2017-04-21 06:57:29 by SMOKER9

What if my comic doesn't get published.... What do I do then?....

This is a train of thought that's been going through my head since I started work on my comic Flesh-Fiend. The main reason being my family has been incredibly encouraging of it since I started, knowing this could be my chance at getting something published. Personally though, what do I make of Flesh-Fiend? What do I, as the creator, think of what I have been working on so hard, what I have dedicated most of my time to for the last couple of weeks? Personally, I think it's odd. It's not bringing anything new to the table of comics, while at the same time taking fans of old school violent manga and anime back to familiar territory, but introducing them to a new art style and method of comic book story telling. What makes the comic different, and hopefully unique, is my comic story telling method. 

Thing is I don't have a thought out story when I start most of my comics. Flesh-Fiend for example had three different directions it could have went with it's story before I decided to settle on one. But before I came to the decision on where the story would go I already had 8 pages done. But that's my method. I start a comic with a general idea, then form it as I go along. It feels honestly lively that way. 

The comic currently is somewhat like Prison Pit and Dragon Ball Z I think. It takes place in a baron desert style area, and mostly only monster characters have shown up. But if it makes it to publishing it will actually take place in a post apocalytpic, demon-infested Tokyo, full of many different and diverse psychotic human survivors. It will be like a fusion of Devil Man and Fist of the North Star. 

But still, there's a chance the comic might not make it. So what then? Do I just give up on comics, focus purely on art and job hunting again? I thought about this a lot recently. My answer however is no.

Flesh-Fiend is really my first comic upload in a long time to newgrounds. I wanted to see what you guys would think of it so far. I wasn't expecting much, a couple dozen views or so. But from your feedback, and the surprisingly decent ratings, I'm for once very confident in my comic making method. So if I don't make it with Flesh-Fiend that's fine. Because I would like to finally start up a Patreon, and through donations, make a crap ton of awesome short comic ideas I have, or self publish some of my comics. Either way, I refused already not to give up on art. But now I also refuse to give up on comics. It's something I enjoy doing, it's something you guys seem to enjoy looking at, so I will not give up. I've come too far, and i've worked too hard to just abandon it now. 

So yeah, sorry, just something I wanted to get outta my head and off my chest.

Hope you guys have been doing well! 

'Til Next Time!



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2017-04-21 13:02:32

Alright I'm gonna drop my 2 cents on this topic

My suggestion to you is if you really like and enjoy Flesh-Fiend as a project and want to turn it into the real deal,you might not wanna make it your first comic,lad.It's simple because you are going to start making it,some time will pass and then you will look at the pages and think "Holy crap these panels are utter trash!" and then you will end up redoing the whole thing over and over again,and if you end up publishing it you will hate it because you know deep inside you could have made it a lot better.Making comics ain't easy,especially if we are talking something around 90 pages.I will applaud you for your dedication that you've decided to tackle on such an ambitious project but again you might really wanna give it some thought before you proceed further.Maybe you should start off with some rather short individual stories that are around 10-15 pages max.That way you will gain some experience on how comics actually work(such as panel placement,dynamic shots,etc) and then you can tackle on something big like Flesh Fiends.Also don't be afraid of failure.Your first comic will most likely get rejected,I mean of course because you've just started out.Do I need to bring up Todd McFarlane of Spawn fame and his 700 submissions that either got no replies or got rejected before he landed a job with making comics.You don't need to overthink these things because you will end up with more stress and most likely get unmotivated.Just do what you have to do,if you succeed,great for you!If you fail you either get back and try again,or move along and come up with a different project.The world hasn't ended and comics aren't dead yet so you have a lot of time to think and work.

With regards

A person who has scrapped quite some pages away for his "main" comic idea before finally realizing that working on smaller projects and gaining some insight proved a lot more beneficial than trying to work on this huge project from the start.

SMOKER9 responds:

Thanks man, I actually appreciate that a lot. I'm gonna go ahead and give Flesh-Fiend the college try and send in the pages I have done already, just to introduce myself to Fantagraphics. Most, if not all of my comics will probably have the same panel style. It's a style I enjoy, it's sort of become my comic signature, and I like the unique style of it. But yeah I plan on doing short comics, it seems like a good way to get noticed, and to keep in practice.

But seriously though thank you, I appreciate the advice!


2017-04-23 01:55:36

Honestly dude all I gotta say is you got me wanting to make comics! And also I admire your "never giving up!" Attitude! :) Good luck man and I wish you the best ❤ GO KICK ASS!!!!