2017-04-09 08:26:58 by SMOKER9

Hey guys, finally started work on a f**king comic finally! And in fact i'm enjoying it so much I'm taking a break from doing single drawings until I get like, ten pages or so done on it. Or if I get tired and need a break. 

As for the comic, like most my work, it's inspired by 80s/90s and some modern violent anime and manga. Specifically it's inspired by DevilMan. It's also a first for a couple of styles and also couple other things. Mainly it's my first really uncensored comic that i'm going to be posting online (or published if everything goes good). It's very nsfw as i'm just going nuts with it and not holding back, and honestly feeling very alive while drawing it. Main example is the demons in the comics are all nude, wangs dangling free included. And other stuff will be uncensored sex scenes and such. I just really don't want to hold back and just go for it and do whatever I want to do with the comic. So, heads up warning, it'll obviously be 18+! lol

For my many gore fans though, don't worry, just because there's a lot of nudity doesn't mean it's just going to be a hentai style comic. I am focusing mainly on the bloody gore. I want to push the brutality to the max. So expect it to have my signature style of violence and be 90% blood.gore, lol.

What exactly am I hoping to accomplish with this comic some of you may be asking?

Honestly I want to try and get it published. My main goal is to get it published by Fantagraphics, the awesome indie comics publisher. They've published one of my favorite comics, Prison Pit, and they seem like a place that would welcome my uncensored insanity. 

The end of the day though, this comic will just be one of many. But I think a good start. I'd like to make a living off of making my own comics, and I'd even more like my comics to be discovered and loved by fans, because fans/friends/and family are what keep me going as a comic artist. 


Anyways, when I have some more pages done, I plan on scanning and uploading them here on Newgrounds for you guys to check out for yourselves!! 

SMOKER9 signing off!



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2017-04-09 08:58:02

That's great man, keep up the great work.

SMOKER9 responds:

Thanks dude, appreciate it!


2017-04-20 15:15:50