2017-04-07 07:48:50 by SMOKER9

Went to bed early, woke up at 3:50 something in the morning. Depression's hitting hard. Workin on comic right now. Update soon. 

UPDATE: Sorry about that guys, just been sorta stressed out last couple of days. But got some rest, got some work done on my comic projects, and I'm feeling better now, so yeah. Thanks to those that commented, sorry to my friends and stuff who probably get annoyed with my mopey crap by now. But yeah, feelin better. Gonna have some new stuff to upload soon. 


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2017-04-07 08:56:45

Hey just try to stay positive, be strong ok (i know what your going through) just be strong there are maney people there for you ^_^

SMOKER9 responds:

Thank you, sorry for being so mopey.


2017-04-07 11:25:18

Shes right: chin up, stay strong and keep it going! you are not alone<3

SMOKER9 responds:

Thank you.