2017-02-28 07:13:21 by SMOKER9

So lot of you know for the last, f*ck has it been like, two years since I joined? Sh*t could be longers, idk. Anyways for the last couple of for fricken ever what am I sayin, i've been trying to make a webcomic. And, yeah, it's been a struggle with in itself. I literally have nothing but free time, which I feel i'm wasting not working on something that could honestly really define my work! I don't want to make another comedy webcomic, the internet is riddled with those. Those aren't bad mind you, I love a lot of those kinds of webcomics, but it's something I dont want to do. In fact, I want to make a pretty straightforward action comic, inspired by stuff like Jimmy Giegerich's awesome comic Death Knight and the City in Stasis, and Johnny Ryan's Prison Pit. Both are manga inspired, black and white ultra violent comics inspired by 80s hyper violent anime. That honestly shouldnt be hard, and for the last week i've been drawing a lot of just really random character doodles in my sketchbook. Monsters mostly, but just really cool stuff, and when I draw these guys i'm like "why dont i do something with some of these dudes?" 

I think honestly I should make a Fist of the North Star style comic with some of my character drawings. Will it be that original? idk. Will it be violent? Prolly. Will it have a buncha muscular dudes and sexy girls with a butt ton of weaponry coupled with a bunch of ultra bloody violence that barely lets up? Yeah, mostly likely. I want to make a comic for you guys, for my fans, the people who see something in my work and want to see me do something with it. I want to make something enjoyable, but I also want to make something for me. I think I should do that kind of basic comic to get my footing and find myself again as a comic artist and writer... Anyways wow that was a lot of ranting, sorry about that guys. 

Oh, for those of you who don't know, Jimmy Giegerich is an awesome comic artist, a big inspiration for me, and someone who I've had the privelage of befriending. He's a really awesome guy, look up his art, and if you like it and want to go support him, check out his patreon please!  



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2017-02-28 17:49:50

If you have nothing but free time on your hands you might as well try! Your art style is great for a little webcomic. I'll be waiting.

SMOKER9 responds:

Haha thanks man, i'll let you know when I actually get to work on one! :D


2017-03-02 15:36:36

I haven't been on because of art and guitar practice and stuff but I really want to see a comic from you man. I love you art, you inspire me and my favorite artist! <3

SMOKER9 responds:

Thanks man, it means a lot to be an inspiration for another artist. :) As for the comic I'm brainstorming some ideas and hope to have something done soon!