Been a While

2017-02-25 07:39:28 by SMOKER9

Hey guys, sorry about lack of really anything on my profile in a bit. Specially news post, like, I know they're not that important but it's cool to tell you guys what im up to here and there. Anyways I was in the process of moving to a new house in a new town. Pretty nice, this town actually has a f**king grocery store and gas station, so that's convenient. As for me? Well, umm. I've been drawing sh*t about every day, but I'm kind of working on some stuff right now that I don't want to talk about or show until they're done. But i'm working on them so they should be done soon for you to gaze your eye spheres upon! Anyways, umm, update on my art style. In terms of style nothing's actually really changed, I draw my anatomy the same, got better I think honestly, but I did stop shading. Just, idk, I know it was making my stuff pop, but it was murder on my fingers and sometimes just got out of hand to where it made my stuff look more or less just scribbly as hell, so. Yeah. Cut that. But i'm told my stuff looks cleaner and nicer without it so that's cool. Again, i'll show you guys what i'm working on when it's done, but for now, just hoping everyone's doing good, in fact if you want comment below what you've been up to, love to hear from you guys. P34c3 0u7! 


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