2016-10-11 11:38:45 by SMOKER9

Hey guys, so yeah, happy Inktober everyone! Having a lot of fun doing Inktober drawings. Not only that i'm having a lot of fun with my art style, and you guys seem to be enjoying it so that makes me happy, lol. Anyways, besides Inktober, what exactly am I up to? Well for starters i'm trying to figure out how to become a freelance illustrator, i'm looking into that. And I'm also looking into Patreon, I wouldnt mind drawing comissioned work with that it sounds nice. But other then that stuff, coolest news is i'm finally working on a comic book. It will most likely be online, free to read, because free stuff rocks, but im still contemplating starting a patreon for it, or something. Be really nice to get extra money to help it keep going. But im gonna wait until aftert I get some of it done, see how people like it. It's pretty straight forward, a vampire samurai is wandering limbo on a quest, and along the way kills the hell out of a lot of demons and monsters. When I get the site set up and some pages uploaded I'll put a link up for you guys to check out. As for last month, thank you guys so much for helping out with my house payment, I appreciate it, and hopefully my money situation will be changing for the better so I dont have to repeat that situation.

So yeah, in summary, im having a lot of fun with my art, im glad you guys are liking my Inktober stuff, and I hope you guys will enjoy my webcomic when I get some of it done. 

Happy Inktober everyone!! 




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