Grains of Salt

2016-02-29 05:12:41 by SMOKER9

This hasn't recently come to my attention, I've actually had this thought in mind for a while. My artwork is not fantastic. It's not. I never claim to be a fantastic artist, I never claim to be as good as the pros, and only about a year ago that actually used to bug me. It used to drive me insane in high school, when I was aiming to become a professional artist. And that obsession with perfection drove me into a downward spiral, where I lost the love for my art. Recently though, just last year, I started drawing for me again. And an awesome newgrounds member, Miroko saw something in my art that he liked. This ignited my love for my art again. I joined this site not knowing or really caring if I would get scouted or not, but it was nice to see people were enjoying my stuff. But still just because i'm scouted doesn't mean all my stuff will get well recieved ratings or reviews. In fact 2 of my recent drawings I like very much, the Samurai Vampire drawing and the Red Smoke Ninja drawing have not recieved good ratings, but that's ok! Know why? Because I liked those drawings, and I wanted to share them with you, the people of newgrounds! What exactly is the point to this news post entry? Well it's this:

I used to take ratings very seriously. If something I drew didn't get a nice rating, I would sometimes delete it. I wasn't always comfortable with my art and i've gone through many art styles experimenting and trying new ways of drawing. But I finally decided to start taking the ratings and some reviews with a grain of salt. Don't get me wrong people who review my drawings, I appreciate everyone's feedback and I take it into consideration! I love hearing people give me advice because it helps me improve. But for those that struggle with their art, and those that think about giving up I just wanted to say it's not easy improving. I've been self teaching myself how to draw since I was 5. And I am still teaching myself and learning new things. You will never improve unless you practice, and you will not get any better if you quit, but don't become obsessed with perfection! Draw because you want to! Draw if you enjoy it! Find a style you enjoy and draw with it! You will not always get good ratings or feedback, but don't let that dissuade you. If someone is trying to give you advice, take it into consideration and learn from it. If someone is just being a jerk then ignore it. But please just draw for you. 

I will end this entry with my own bit of advice: I got started drawing by trying to mimic artists that I enjoy. If there's an art style you like then try to learn from it. Possibly look up information about the artist's technique. Eventually your own art style will flourish from that. Artists that personally I have tried to mimic and that have helped inspire me are Johnny Ryan (Prison Pit), Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim), Koutarou Sekine (Ninja Slayer Kills!), Jimmy Giegerich (Fight Frogs, Executioner and Friend), Clement Suave (Army of Two 40th Day concept art, GI Joe Renegades), Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist), Kentaro Miura (Berserk), Ken Ishikawa (Getter Robo, Yakuza Weapon), Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto), Kelly Turnbull (Manly Guys Doing Manly Things), and Fred Gallagher (Megatokyo) and that's only to name a few.... or a lot... wow that got out of hand.

If you read all of this to the end you deserve a reward!.... I don't have anything to give but just saying you deserve something.... Sorry. 

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2016-02-29 08:40:50

Draw for you, and not obligation. Support for art and good luck

SMOKER9 responds:

Exactomundo. :)


2016-02-29 10:21:00

I know it's hard to be an artist that doesn't see anything in himself and still continues to strives for the best, I know feedback and positive reviews help and that's why I sometimes write to artists that I see potential, like you. It's really great to see you challenge yourself and not giving up.
Keep on doing what you're doing and I'm sure it will get better.

SMOKER9 responds:

Gracias amigo! I'll keep on doing what I do and I hope you'll keep doing what you do too man! :)


2016-02-29 13:21:48

Well, the same goes for musicians out there. And I can relate to your post. I was gonna quit at one point, but now I'm getting better and better. I don't worry about bad scores. I do it for the reason I started doing it: I enjoy making music. Thanks for this post, it's good to see that someone went through a similar thing I did, that I'm not alone.

SMOKER9 responds:

Yaw I should have wrote how this applies to all artists including musicians! I'm glad you're doing what you like for your own enjoyment! That's what all artists should do. Because if you start to not like what you do there's not much of a point to it is there? Anyways, gracias amigo! Glad you like the post! Hope you keep doing what you like to do! :)


2016-03-01 15:50:16

To grow in a chosen field, you have to practice, as well as change subject matter, time spent per piece, technique, it all comes into play. But the best reason to keep at it, is how you feel while doing it ;)

SMOKER9 responds:

Exactly man. :)


2016-03-03 22:55:24

There is nothing more useless as a gauge of artistic value than the newgrounds art rating system. Make goals and try to meet and exceed them, listen to good critique, ignore bad critique, youll know which is which pretty easily and you can grow as an artist.

SMOKER9 responds:

You summed it all up pretty well! lol nice job! :)


2016-03-03 23:31:05

Just wanted to show my support, you are a cool dude and I like your art, and don't give up on it due to shitters.

SMOKER9 responds:

lol thank you. I won't give up on my art. Currently and finally working on my webcomic, I am incredibly nervous to show it off because I took such long break from making comics due to a depression that I'm kind of a noob again. But the comic was made by me for me to have fun and I hope people have fun when they read it. I'll put a couple pages up when I get more done.