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Hey guys, so yeah, been busy month. I've spent most of it working on my first art zine, which I printed out and made myself with my new printer. Been busy working on it, but I gave them to my friend to sell at his comic shop and an upcoming convention, so hopefully it was worth it. Felt good to actually make my first art zine. And I plan on making more. 

Anyways, on the subject of art, some of you may have noticed I've been uploading some monster on girl hentai. Hentai is something i've sort of, batted around and dabbled with in the past, but never enjoyed it that much. Friend of mine suggested I should do monster/girl hentai because i'd probably be decent at it or at least have fun with it. Well after my zine I really felt like drawing some hentai, and drew my first monster on girl stuff inspired by old Japanese erotic paintings, just with my style and twist. They may not be as liked as my other work, but I can't lie that I don't enjoy drawing them, because I honestly do. Doesn't mean i'm giving up on anything though. Still working on comics, still working on zines, still working on metal art and monsters. Just adding hentai to my list of things I draw now, lol. 

As for stuff other then my art, i've kind of just been chilling, actually. My Mom and Aunt surprised me and got me a PS4. Wasn't expecting to own one for, idk, least another year or so, so it was a really awesome surprise. I got games like DOOM (which i've been waiting for a while to finish since i played it on my brother's system and then a friends) I also got 7 Days to Die, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Fallout 4, Tekken 7, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls 3. But my favorite game right now that i'm currently hooked on i didn't even have to pay for (well, i didnt have to pay for most of the games i listed either. They're actually my brother's he lets me borrow.) Anyways my favorite game right now is Let It Die. Free to play, insane as shit, and addictive as fuck (at least to a psycho like me). Just wish the game was actually multiplayer so i could team up and play with other players, but i'll accept it for it is. Really awesome, stylish, bloody and fun. I really do love it, lol. I also play lot of Loadout as well. But i'm probably going to be getting back to work again on zines and comics, and less time with my system maybe. 

Anyways yeah, that's what i've been up to. Sorry if i wrote that pretty poorly, i'm kind of on a bad sleep schedule right now, lol. Anyways hope you guys are doing well too.

Life is Odd

2017-08-14 06:44:33 by SMOKER9

That sums up my viewpoint on life at this point. Life is awesome, it sucks, it's great, it's shit, it's amazing, it's a fucking bastard that will beat you mercilessly but then provide you with beautiful moments that makes you forget it for a bit. It's a mixed bag. But my viewpoint now is, it's just odd. 

What exactly am I talking about? I recently started up a new webcomic, a comedy webcomic of all things, called I Am Not Well. A return to a webcomic genre I thought I would stay away from forever. But after a stressful month, and after contemplating it for a bit, and after reading some funny comics like Sarah's Doodles (check that one out it's great) I decided I wanted to do a comic with a really cartoony almost simple style, with my blend of odd humor. 

The comic centers around a parody of me, a psychotic teenage boy who tries to ignore the horrors of the world and attempts to live a delusional life. The comic itself is more or less random, but i'm planning on some story arcs to try some new things and introduce new characters. 

Thing is, the comic just started recently but, to my shock, it's actually my most popular comic at this point. I am getting new fans, new admiration, and even some respect from artists I admire purely because of the comic. They like the style, characters, and humor. And, it's a pretty great feeling, but it's so weird because this was not at all the comic I thought would be one of my most liked projects. 

But that's kind of the idea with previous projects, the idea I sort of fell short on. I wanted to make comics that were purely creative and imaginative, and sparks of a current mindset. But I thought tooooooo hard on my previous comics, and I never kept with them. I Am Not Well was pure inspiration, even if it was twisted inspiration. And it's just odd. The comic I made while bored, and sort of depressed, and mostly cynical at the end of a bad couple of days, is the comic that people seem to be enjoying.

I just got asked yesterday to draw a guest comic for a webcomic artist who's work i've admired. That was sort of my realization that yeah. This comic may be my oddball little creation, and not the comic I thought would be my best work but, it's sort of becoming that. And I'm not upset about that irony, in fact I'm glad. 

Idk, I never know how to end these posts that well, so i'll just say this. If you're a creator, a artist, writer, musician, etc, just remember, your in-the-moment inspired works might actually end up being some of your best. Just, create whatever you think is cool at the time. Enjoy those moments of inspiration. 

Update number somethingrather

2017-07-13 07:48:28 by SMOKER9

I do like to do these posts both for my friends and fans who like to keep up to date, as well as for myself to reflect upon no matter how good or bad. So for the last couple months i've been moving into my new place with my mom and brother, and it's been pretty hectic. Not a lot of free time to draw, and even less to work on comics, which is probably for the best on that part. I don't mind doing errands for my family, it makes me feel pretty useful. And I hae all night to draw like usual. 

Currently been drawing a looooooooooooot of deathmetal/heavy metal inspired work. Some say it's some of my best work, others say the poses are boring or unimaginative. But right now as of this point i'm really enjoying what I draw, it is getting me a lot of nice feedback, people seem to enjoy the grisly gnarly cartoony deathmetal style stuff, and I really like making it. Again, like some of you may know already if you've read my previous posts, I am inspired by artists such as Johnny Ryan and Jimmy Giegerich, as well as old school manga. I really enjoy pushing my imagination to it's limits, and it helps using a art style and method i'm currently comfortable with. 

This post won't be too long as i'm currently working on a piece right now as I type this. So i'll probably add to it later. 

Until then P34C3!!!!!

Finally made a friggen Patreon!!

2017-06-21 06:30:34 by SMOKER9

Finally, after a while of talking about it, I finally made a Patreon. Check it out if you'd like, and expect more cool stuff to come. If you like my work, consider becoming one of my pledges, or just donate however much you like. No matter how big or small I appreciate any help I can get. Pledges of 2 dollars get access to artwork earlier then others, as well as exclusive artwork and behind the scenes stuff (i'll figure it out as I go) and 8 dollar pledges get their own custom sketch done by me. 

I'm hoping with your guys' help I can make awesome stuff including posters, zines, and of course comic books! I know my Patreon is a little bare at the moment, but give it time and i'll upload some cool stuff to it. And if you want, feel free to donate and be a part of that. 


2017-06-13 22:37:17 by SMOKER9

Hey guys, update on life currently and some progress i've been making. 

So first off, art!!!: You guys probably have noticed i've been doing a lot of deathmetal inspired artwork recently, and they all sort of share a theme. Some of you may have even noticed my last drawing, Shadow Moses, has a gothic text V next to him. What does that stand for? It's actually the number 5 in roman numerals. Why is he numbered? Because he's page 5 of my first zine I am currently working on! 

A friend of a friend just published their first comic through a online print shop, and they sent me a link to it. The shop is pretty nice, prices are amazing, and they print fricken comics! I've been looking for a print shop for a while now, and this may very well be my ticket to making amazing stuff for you guys! 

But my first book will not be a comic. It's actually going to be a art zine (sort of a short magazine, but in reality more just a mini booklet). The book will be 20 pages long and full of new deathmetal themed artwork by me. Some that i've uploaded already, and some that i'm keeping offline, purely for people who buy the book to see! For only 50 bucks I can order 27 copies, so i'm thinking heavily about making a patreon. Me and a friend of mine have been discussing what all I can make for my patreon, and i'm thinking hand drawn sketchcards for anyone who donates to start. The print place i'm looking at not only prints comics, but will also print fricken posters of mine! I know a lot of you have been asking for posters by me, and this is finally a chance for me to make some and for you guys to buy some! 

So yeah, that's what i've been up to. Feel free to tell me what you guys think, and i'll keep you informed on how things are going and when i get my patreon set up. 


Comics Update

2017-05-12 06:01:11 by SMOKER9

Hey guys, thought i'd give an update on the comics and where i'm currently at with them. So unfortunately, Flesh-Fiend is probably scrapped for the time being, but I don't feel it was a waste of time, in fact it was incredibly important for me because it gave me back my will to want to make more comics. I do have two more pages, one i'm working on finishing. When they're done i'll scan and upload them onto Newgrounds for you guys to see and enjoy!

As for other comics. Currently working on two: One is a comic i started because I owed my friend some hentai art after he's been helping me since I moved to my new town. I decided to not waste my time with it, and made the hentai into a Sin City on acid style comic. I'm not sure if i'll upload the comic here, it's essentially just sex and violence, but you guys might like it so maybe the first couple pages. As for my other comic, it's basically a super violent cybperunk superhero comic. Heavily inspired by stuff like Madness Combat, Rai, Batman, the art of Josan Gonzalez, and Sin City. I'm also working on some small comics for the hell of it. 

As for where these comics are going? I'd still love to have one or two published and plan on sending some into Fantagraphics in Seattle, but honestly for the others, we live in the day and age of the webcomic, so more then likely i'll make sites for the webcomics for you guys to read easier and makes it easier for me to organize. If I do that, I do plan on making a Patreon, and hope i'll make enough donations from fans to keep me making webcomics, but it really depends on if you guys like my style of comic making. Keep one thing in mind, I am no Jim Lee, I am no Todd McFarlane, and I am not even close to making any of the beautiful art a lot of mangas accomplish. I am a strange, violent cartoonist, and my stuff will probably always resemble that. I just hope my style is unique enough to help me in the long run. 

But yeah I'm working on those things now, and really hope my Patreon goes decently well. 

So that's my update.

Hope you guys have been well! How have ya'll been?!

What if...?

2017-04-21 06:57:29 by SMOKER9

What if my comic doesn't get published.... What do I do then?....

This is a train of thought that's been going through my head since I started work on my comic Flesh-Fiend. The main reason being my family has been incredibly encouraging of it since I started, knowing this could be my chance at getting something published. Personally though, what do I make of Flesh-Fiend? What do I, as the creator, think of what I have been working on so hard, what I have dedicated most of my time to for the last couple of weeks? Personally, I think it's odd. It's not bringing anything new to the table of comics, while at the same time taking fans of old school violent manga and anime back to familiar territory, but introducing them to a new art style and method of comic book story telling. What makes the comic different, and hopefully unique, is my comic story telling method. 

Thing is I don't have a thought out story when I start most of my comics. Flesh-Fiend for example had three different directions it could have went with it's story before I decided to settle on one. But before I came to the decision on where the story would go I already had 8 pages done. But that's my method. I start a comic with a general idea, then form it as I go along. It feels honestly lively that way. 

The comic currently is somewhat like Prison Pit and Dragon Ball Z I think. It takes place in a baron desert style area, and mostly only monster characters have shown up. But if it makes it to publishing it will actually take place in a post apocalytpic, demon-infested Tokyo, full of many different and diverse psychotic human survivors. It will be like a fusion of Devil Man and Fist of the North Star. 

But still, there's a chance the comic might not make it. So what then? Do I just give up on comics, focus purely on art and job hunting again? I thought about this a lot recently. My answer however is no.

Flesh-Fiend is really my first comic upload in a long time to newgrounds. I wanted to see what you guys would think of it so far. I wasn't expecting much, a couple dozen views or so. But from your feedback, and the surprisingly decent ratings, I'm for once very confident in my comic making method. So if I don't make it with Flesh-Fiend that's fine. Because I would like to finally start up a Patreon, and through donations, make a crap ton of awesome short comic ideas I have, or self publish some of my comics. Either way, I refused already not to give up on art. But now I also refuse to give up on comics. It's something I enjoy doing, it's something you guys seem to enjoy looking at, so I will not give up. I've come too far, and i've worked too hard to just abandon it now. 

So yeah, sorry, just something I wanted to get outta my head and off my chest.

Hope you guys have been doing well! 

'Til Next Time!


Hey guys, FINALLY got to work on comic, and you can view page 1 and two of it up on my newgrounds account! 


2017-04-09 08:26:58 by SMOKER9

Hey guys, finally started work on a f**king comic finally! And in fact i'm enjoying it so much I'm taking a break from doing single drawings until I get like, ten pages or so done on it. Or if I get tired and need a break. 

As for the comic, like most my work, it's inspired by 80s/90s and some modern violent anime and manga. Specifically it's inspired by DevilMan. It's also a first for a couple of styles and also couple other things. Mainly it's my first really uncensored comic that i'm going to be posting online (or published if everything goes good). It's very nsfw as i'm just going nuts with it and not holding back, and honestly feeling very alive while drawing it. Main example is the demons in the comics are all nude, wangs dangling free included. And other stuff will be uncensored sex scenes and such. I just really don't want to hold back and just go for it and do whatever I want to do with the comic. So, heads up warning, it'll obviously be 18+! lol

For my many gore fans though, don't worry, just because there's a lot of nudity doesn't mean it's just going to be a hentai style comic. I am focusing mainly on the bloody gore. I want to push the brutality to the max. So expect it to have my signature style of violence and be 90% blood.gore, lol.

What exactly am I hoping to accomplish with this comic some of you may be asking?

Honestly I want to try and get it published. My main goal is to get it published by Fantagraphics, the awesome indie comics publisher. They've published one of my favorite comics, Prison Pit, and they seem like a place that would welcome my uncensored insanity. 

The end of the day though, this comic will just be one of many. But I think a good start. I'd like to make a living off of making my own comics, and I'd even more like my comics to be discovered and loved by fans, because fans/friends/and family are what keep me going as a comic artist. 


Anyways, when I have some more pages done, I plan on scanning and uploading them here on Newgrounds for you guys to check out for yourselves!! 

SMOKER9 signing off!



2017-04-07 07:48:50 by SMOKER9

Went to bed early, woke up at 3:50 something in the morning. Depression's hitting hard. Workin on comic right now. Update soon. 

UPDATE: Sorry about that guys, just been sorta stressed out last couple of days. But got some rest, got some work done on my comic projects, and I'm feeling better now, so yeah. Thanks to those that commented, sorry to my friends and stuff who probably get annoyed with my mopey crap by now. But yeah, feelin better. Gonna have some new stuff to upload soon.