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Entry #1

Webcomic To Be

2014-07-22 00:24:49 by SMOKER9

Hello, I am new to this site. Well, maybe not NEW, I used to come on here all the time in grade school, but it's changed over the years. I didn't even know it was also a site for artist. I'm pretty happy to find out about it now though. It's a pretty cool place to share my artwork. I've been drawing, well, every since I could pick up a pen. Literally. And I've always been a fan of comic books, video games, manga, anime, just pretty much everything that's geeky. So I'm going to be working on re-viving my webcomic I started a while back on deviantart. TFCS: The Funny Comic Show. A comic that started in MS Paint, and actually got pretty popular over the years. I even have a web hosting site that will allow me to give it it's own webcomic, I started it up already, but I won't post the link until I get some good comics on there. The comics will be full of blood, guts, dark humor, jokes about undead bunnies, slashers, ninjas, samurais, goths, girls, babes, demons, giant robots, and Danny Trejo's manly moustache of manliness. So that's that. Ratatatat. X)


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