SMOKER9's News

So yaw, been reading up on the newground rules and stuff. Mostly the rules on scouting and the art portal (thank you btw to my Scout for scouting me, I appreciate that! And thank you to all my newfound fans who apparently think my artwork is good, lol). But anyways, there's a rule that's kinda buggin me and it's the rule about how if someone thinks my artwork is "bad", then i can get un-scouted or whatever. You know I'm ok with that actually, someone doesn't think I'm good at drawing I really don't give a flying f*ck, but I also learned that my scout can also get in trouble on my behalf too and I think that's kinda messed up. So just to save myself and my scout from any problems I'm just gonna go ahead and stop submitting to the art portal. If people wanna look at my stuff and say "wow this guy draws as if he was bludgeoned over the head with a lead pipe", then that's alright, y'know. Half those guys can't really draw shit, so I know they gotta take their agressions out on something. But I don't wanna get my scout in trouble, and I'd rather just not be involved in any of that stuff. So point is, if you like my art, I'll keep drawing. As for submitting to the Art Portal, probably not gonna do that anymore, lol. So yaw. That's my update. Hope you all are doing well!