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21 Today

2016-01-21 04:00:41 by SMOKER9

Yep, today's my birthday, lol. I am now 21 years old. What exactly do I plan to do today? Prolly gonna marathon Rob Zombie's movies with my mom and brother, then draw more metal inspired artwork. lolz

So yaw bout that comic

2015-12-10 22:05:55 by SMOKER9

So yaw that Benny comic.... I really don't like it. Like. At all. I just wanted to do a couple pages, only did two, came to the conclusion that I don't like it, and it's not a comic i want to work on. Sooooo back to trying to think of a comic to create, lolz. 

Anyways, other then that just drawing random stuff. How are you guys doing? Any fun plans for the holidays? 

I don't want to give up

2015-11-28 08:34:29 by SMOKER9

Life's hard. That's life. Everyone has to deal with that. I want to draw comics, and cool characters. So i'm gonna. That's that. If I was told the world was going down tomorrow, I wouldn't care. It wouldn't stop me. I'd still hold on to what I enjoy. I enjoy my family. I enjoy my friends. I enjoy drawing. I enjoy newgrounds. So no matter what, I'm gonna keep going. Either I get a break or a don't. I don't care. I'm drawing for me now. And it feels good.

Things to come: Expect me to start uploading some short comics i'm working on onto here. As well as more character artwork, because that's what I really enjoy drawing, lol. 

Also, I know it's a bit early, but happy holidays everyone!


An apology

2015-11-23 02:17:05 by SMOKER9

I would like to aplogize to all of the kind people that commented on my last self pity post. I am sorry to have even posted something reflecting my self wallow. I don't like to do that. It happens some times because of my depression. I don't want to give up on art, but my financial situation makes it incredibly hard to want to continue to do anything that makes me happy. I seem to be constantly on the verge of homelessness, I can't go to college because thanks to the new mandatory state test, I graduated with my diploma, and everything at this point in my life is utter shit. I don't want to give up on art, but it's hard to want to continue when I never feel that happy anymore. Thank you to all those that said encouraging things, please do not feel obliged to comment on this post. Hopefully i'll be getting a job soon so that I don't have to worry about finances anymore, and can enjoy drawing again. 

No more

2015-11-22 21:35:15 by SMOKER9

I find it harder and harder to look forward to something positive. My drawings are an innate and useless skill. 

Still working on comics, and other stuff

2015-10-21 21:15:44 by SMOKER9

So yaw, been aboooout what, 9 days since my last update? Sorry if i'm updating too much, just lotta stuff happening right now. Went to a Slipknot concert last night, that was super badass. And got the new Mad Max Fury Road, that was equally as awesome, lol. As for updates on my artwork. Still working on comics. In the whole "story and plot" process right now, but I think i'm getting close to a good idea for a comic project. As for my art in general, I got a pack of prismacolor art pens again, and they're cool and all. But as "professional" looking as they might be, I kind of enjoy sharpie pens and markers more. Idk. Call me weird but sharpie pens seem to have a good medium on lines, and sharpie pens are easier to shade with. So prolly most my stuff will be drawn with them. Prolly going to draw some more gore artwork, but also planning on doing fan art of favorite animes and video games and stuff. 

Also something else that has been brought to my attention is my change in art styles. My friends tell me I switch art style more then junkies swap needles. It's kind of true, I have a bad habit of always changing my art style. But I think i'm going to try sticking to my current style, and evolve with it. So yaw. That's my little update. How are you guys doing?

Hey guys. So I might be becoming less active then usual on this site for a time being. The reason for that is i'm finally getting back into webcomics after longer then a year hiatus from it. I'm going to be working on 3 or more webcomics, which will take up a good amount of my time. When I get them up and running i'll put a link up on here for you guys to check out. But just wanted to explain why I might be less active on here for a bit, in case anyone wonders, lol. Might also be doing a youtube series with my friends about what it's like starting up an indie comic group and doing webcomics. Just be something fun to do, like a production diary, those things seem to be popular these days, lol. Then you guys can finally see the man behind these drawings. And the monster that lives under my bed. HE IS REAL AND DO NOT SAY I'M CRAZY OR I WILL RIP YOUR FACE OFF AND NAIL IT TO A CABBAGE PATCH KID!! Anyways. Yaw. So i'll be off here for a bit. I'll still be on as much as possible to see how everyone's doing, and to check out new art and stuff. But won't be uploading as much drawings. So yaw. Happy October folks! See you on Halloween! (hopefully lolz)

Yaw, so I'm probably going to go through and delete some of my drawings to make room for new drawings. Mainly just drawings that I don't particularly like, and others that didn't get great reviews. That's not me being emo, I just don't want to start turning my newgrounds account into a dumbing place for all my drawings. I started up a new gallery folder on my deviantart where i'm going to be uploading doodles whenever i'm bored. So if you ever want to see my doodles from boredom, go check them out there. 

As for any artistic updates. Idk how many of you were enjoying my different art style I was working with. It was kind of noticeably different then what I was doing before. But I really enjoyed that style and am trying to fuse both styles to give you guys something enjoyabe. As for updates on projects or anything. Got some things i'm working on right now. Miiiiiiiiight be giving hentai a serious shot, i'm not exactly sure yet on that. Of course still drawing monsters and stuff. And that band I drew some fan art for, me and them are supposed to meet up soon at one of their shows to discuss a possible job. So that'll be cool. But umm, yaw. Main thing I wanted to give everyone an update on was the fact some of my stuff i'm prolly gonna delete to make room for newer (hopefully better) stuff. So yaw.... How're you guys and gals?



Bit of an update

2015-09-02 20:54:42 by SMOKER9

Another update from yours truly. First of all i'd like to apologize for some of my not-so-great recent drawings. When I got scouted I was doing some pretty awesome drawings with my art pens, but now that I've run out of those, and don't have the means to get anymore for a bit, I'm stuck to regular sharpie pens, which kind of sucks. But I make do with what I got. I normally post all my doodles and stuff to my deviantart, and post all my artwork I put hard effort into on here. So sorry for the sharpie drawn stuff. I'll prolly hold off on uploading anymore sharpie drawings onto here since they're more or less doodles, unless you guys would like to see more. As for stuff I do actually want to upload onto here, I recently got back into drawing comics again, and would liket to start uploading some of my short ones onto newgrounds. My short ones are usually random, and are either just violent and action packed, comedic, or at times pervy. So expect to see some comics from me at the least, lol. So, that's my update right now, and an explanation as to why my artwork looks different then what it used to. Still, a true artist should be able to work with what they have I think. But soon, hopefully, i'll be able to pick up more art pens. So yep. How have you guys been?

Unemployment makes me a dull boy

2015-08-06 06:34:28 by SMOKER9

Gruhhh, so I guess I should maybe write news updates on what I'm up to here and there huh? Well currently I'm still unemployed. I have a pretty decent job lined up that pays well, but I have to wait until next summer to start. Not many jobs around my small town, so it's hard to find work. WHICH IS WHERE YOU COME IN!! IIIFFFFF YOU WANT!! My friends have been encouraging me for a while now since I graduated to start drawing pretty much draw hot girls and sell em as prints or something. I never really paid too much attention to the suggestion, but I'd be lying if I said that I don't want to do it now. I'm still looking into how exactly to go about selling my artwork, both originals and prints (if you have any tips please message me I am all ears), but once I do figure it all out, and if any of you like my stuff enough that you'd possibly buy some comissions or prints, I'll make another update telling that I'm good to go for artistic business, lol.

As for my art.. IIIII currently am stuck to using sharpie pens and ball point pens. I ran out of my fancy art pens a couple weaks ago, and don't have the money or gas to go in and get some new ones. I still draw stuff in my sketchbook, but since they're mostly just doodles I upload them exclusively to my deviantart instead of my newgrounds. If you want to see my ever-evolving sketchbook, check out my deviantart: That's pretty much where all my sketches will be going.

One more artistic update I guess. Expect to see some comics on my newgrounds soon. I want to start drawing webcomics again, and have one in mine that's pretty short and comedic. I don't want to give too much away, but you guys can sort of be my ultimate feedback on if I should do more webcomics after I upload some here. Remember, your feedback is very important to me. Without it I won't really know what to improve on and what you guys like to see. 

So yaw, to sum it all up, going to try drawing comissions and prints for some extra cash. Prints will consist of hot video game/anime/comic book girls, but will also include some of my signature bada$$ characters if you guys would like that in the shop as well. Once the shop is up I'll be able to start taking comissions as well. And like I said, expect comic soon. Like prolly this week hopefully. So yaw. That's my update. How are you guys doing?