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What if...?

2017-04-21 06:57:29 by SMOKER9

What if my comic doesn't get published.... What do I do then?....

This is a train of thought that's been going through my head since I started work on my comic Flesh-Fiend. The main reason being my family has been incredibly encouraging of it since I started, knowing this could be my chance at getting something published. Personally though, what do I make of Flesh-Fiend? What do I, as the creator, think of what I have been working on so hard, what I have dedicated most of my time to for the last couple of weeks? Personally, I think it's odd. It's not bringing anything new to the table of comics, while at the same time taking fans of old school violent manga and anime back to familiar territory, but introducing them to a new art style and method of comic book story telling. What makes the comic different, and hopefully unique, is my comic story telling method. 

Thing is I don't have a thought out story when I start most of my comics. Flesh-Fiend for example had three different directions it could have went with it's story before I decided to settle on one. But before I came to the decision on where the story would go I already had 8 pages done. But that's my method. I start a comic with a general idea, then form it as I go along. It feels honestly lively that way. 

The comic currently is somewhat like Prison Pit and Dragon Ball Z I think. It takes place in a baron desert style area, and mostly only monster characters have shown up. But if it makes it to publishing it will actually take place in a post apocalytpic, demon-infested Tokyo, full of many different and diverse psychotic human survivors. It will be like a fusion of Devil Man and Fist of the North Star. 

But still, there's a chance the comic might not make it. So what then? Do I just give up on comics, focus purely on art and job hunting again? I thought about this a lot recently. My answer however is no.

Flesh-Fiend is really my first comic upload in a long time to newgrounds. I wanted to see what you guys would think of it so far. I wasn't expecting much, a couple dozen views or so. But from your feedback, and the surprisingly decent ratings, I'm for once very confident in my comic making method. So if I don't make it with Flesh-Fiend that's fine. Because I would like to finally start up a Patreon, and through donations, make a crap ton of awesome short comic ideas I have, or self publish some of my comics. Either way, I refused already not to give up on art. But now I also refuse to give up on comics. It's something I enjoy doing, it's something you guys seem to enjoy looking at, so I will not give up. I've come too far, and i've worked too hard to just abandon it now. 

So yeah, sorry, just something I wanted to get outta my head and off my chest.

Hope you guys have been doing well! 

'Til Next Time!


Hey guys, FINALLY got to work on comic, and you can view page 1 and two of it up on my newgrounds account! 


2017-04-09 08:26:58 by SMOKER9

Hey guys, finally started work on a f**king comic finally! And in fact i'm enjoying it so much I'm taking a break from doing single drawings until I get like, ten pages or so done on it. Or if I get tired and need a break. 

As for the comic, like most my work, it's inspired by 80s/90s and some modern violent anime and manga. Specifically it's inspired by DevilMan. It's also a first for a couple of styles and also couple other things. Mainly it's my first really uncensored comic that i'm going to be posting online (or published if everything goes good). It's very nsfw as i'm just going nuts with it and not holding back, and honestly feeling very alive while drawing it. Main example is the demons in the comics are all nude, wangs dangling free included. And other stuff will be uncensored sex scenes and such. I just really don't want to hold back and just go for it and do whatever I want to do with the comic. So, heads up warning, it'll obviously be 18+! lol

For my many gore fans though, don't worry, just because there's a lot of nudity doesn't mean it's just going to be a hentai style comic. I am focusing mainly on the bloody gore. I want to push the brutality to the max. So expect it to have my signature style of violence and be 90% blood.gore, lol.

What exactly am I hoping to accomplish with this comic some of you may be asking?

Honestly I want to try and get it published. My main goal is to get it published by Fantagraphics, the awesome indie comics publisher. They've published one of my favorite comics, Prison Pit, and they seem like a place that would welcome my uncensored insanity. 

The end of the day though, this comic will just be one of many. But I think a good start. I'd like to make a living off of making my own comics, and I'd even more like my comics to be discovered and loved by fans, because fans/friends/and family are what keep me going as a comic artist. 


Anyways, when I have some more pages done, I plan on scanning and uploading them here on Newgrounds for you guys to check out for yourselves!! 

SMOKER9 signing off!



2017-04-07 07:48:50 by SMOKER9

Went to bed early, woke up at 3:50 something in the morning. Depression's hitting hard. Workin on comic right now. Update soon. 

UPDATE: Sorry about that guys, just been sorta stressed out last couple of days. But got some rest, got some work done on my comic projects, and I'm feeling better now, so yeah. Thanks to those that commented, sorry to my friends and stuff who probably get annoyed with my mopey crap by now. But yeah, feelin better. Gonna have some new stuff to upload soon. 


2017-02-28 07:13:21 by SMOKER9

So lot of you know for the last, f*ck has it been like, two years since I joined? Sh*t could be longers, idk. Anyways for the last couple of for fricken ever what am I sayin, i've been trying to make a webcomic. And, yeah, it's been a struggle with in itself. I literally have nothing but free time, which I feel i'm wasting not working on something that could honestly really define my work! I don't want to make another comedy webcomic, the internet is riddled with those. Those aren't bad mind you, I love a lot of those kinds of webcomics, but it's something I dont want to do. In fact, I want to make a pretty straightforward action comic, inspired by stuff like Jimmy Giegerich's awesome comic Death Knight and the City in Stasis, and Johnny Ryan's Prison Pit. Both are manga inspired, black and white ultra violent comics inspired by 80s hyper violent anime. That honestly shouldnt be hard, and for the last week i've been drawing a lot of just really random character doodles in my sketchbook. Monsters mostly, but just really cool stuff, and when I draw these guys i'm like "why dont i do something with some of these dudes?" 

I think honestly I should make a Fist of the North Star style comic with some of my character drawings. Will it be that original? idk. Will it be violent? Prolly. Will it have a buncha muscular dudes and sexy girls with a butt ton of weaponry coupled with a bunch of ultra bloody violence that barely lets up? Yeah, mostly likely. I want to make a comic for you guys, for my fans, the people who see something in my work and want to see me do something with it. I want to make something enjoyable, but I also want to make something for me. I think I should do that kind of basic comic to get my footing and find myself again as a comic artist and writer... Anyways wow that was a lot of ranting, sorry about that guys. 

Oh, for those of you who don't know, Jimmy Giegerich is an awesome comic artist, a big inspiration for me, and someone who I've had the privelage of befriending. He's a really awesome guy, look up his art, and if you like it and want to go support him, check out his patreon please!  


Been a While

2017-02-25 07:39:28 by SMOKER9

Hey guys, sorry about lack of really anything on my profile in a bit. Specially news post, like, I know they're not that important but it's cool to tell you guys what im up to here and there. Anyways I was in the process of moving to a new house in a new town. Pretty nice, this town actually has a f**king grocery store and gas station, so that's convenient. As for me? Well, umm. I've been drawing sh*t about every day, but I'm kind of working on some stuff right now that I don't want to talk about or show until they're done. But i'm working on them so they should be done soon for you to gaze your eye spheres upon! Anyways, umm, update on my art style. In terms of style nothing's actually really changed, I draw my anatomy the same, got better I think honestly, but I did stop shading. Just, idk, I know it was making my stuff pop, but it was murder on my fingers and sometimes just got out of hand to where it made my stuff look more or less just scribbly as hell, so. Yeah. Cut that. But i'm told my stuff looks cleaner and nicer without it so that's cool. Again, i'll show you guys what i'm working on when it's done, but for now, just hoping everyone's doing good, in fact if you want comment below what you've been up to, love to hear from you guys. P34c3 0u7! 


2016-10-11 11:38:45 by SMOKER9

Hey guys, so yeah, happy Inktober everyone! Having a lot of fun doing Inktober drawings. Not only that i'm having a lot of fun with my art style, and you guys seem to be enjoying it so that makes me happy, lol. Anyways, besides Inktober, what exactly am I up to? Well for starters i'm trying to figure out how to become a freelance illustrator, i'm looking into that. And I'm also looking into Patreon, I wouldnt mind drawing comissioned work with that it sounds nice. But other then that stuff, coolest news is i'm finally working on a comic book. It will most likely be online, free to read, because free stuff rocks, but im still contemplating starting a patreon for it, or something. Be really nice to get extra money to help it keep going. But im gonna wait until aftert I get some of it done, see how people like it. It's pretty straight forward, a vampire samurai is wandering limbo on a quest, and along the way kills the hell out of a lot of demons and monsters. When I get the site set up and some pages uploaded I'll put a link up for you guys to check out. As for last month, thank you guys so much for helping out with my house payment, I appreciate it, and hopefully my money situation will be changing for the better so I dont have to repeat that situation.

So yeah, in summary, im having a lot of fun with my art, im glad you guys are liking my Inktober stuff, and I hope you guys will enjoy my webcomic when I get some of it done. 

Happy Inktober everyone!! 




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House Payment

2016-09-19 18:38:20 by SMOKER9

We did it! House payment was paid! Thank you to those who donated, I unbelievably appreciate it!

Grains of Salt

2016-02-29 05:12:41 by SMOKER9

This hasn't recently come to my attention, I've actually had this thought in mind for a while. My artwork is not fantastic. It's not. I never claim to be a fantastic artist, I never claim to be as good as the pros, and only about a year ago that actually used to bug me. It used to drive me insane in high school, when I was aiming to become a professional artist. And that obsession with perfection drove me into a downward spiral, where I lost the love for my art. Recently though, just last year, I started drawing for me again. And an awesome newgrounds member, Miroko saw something in my art that he liked. This ignited my love for my art again. I joined this site not knowing or really caring if I would get scouted or not, but it was nice to see people were enjoying my stuff. But still just because i'm scouted doesn't mean all my stuff will get well recieved ratings or reviews. In fact 2 of my recent drawings I like very much, the Samurai Vampire drawing and the Red Smoke Ninja drawing have not recieved good ratings, but that's ok! Know why? Because I liked those drawings, and I wanted to share them with you, the people of newgrounds! What exactly is the point to this news post entry? Well it's this:

I used to take ratings very seriously. If something I drew didn't get a nice rating, I would sometimes delete it. I wasn't always comfortable with my art and i've gone through many art styles experimenting and trying new ways of drawing. But I finally decided to start taking the ratings and some reviews with a grain of salt. Don't get me wrong people who review my drawings, I appreciate everyone's feedback and I take it into consideration! I love hearing people give me advice because it helps me improve. But for those that struggle with their art, and those that think about giving up I just wanted to say it's not easy improving. I've been self teaching myself how to draw since I was 5. And I am still teaching myself and learning new things. You will never improve unless you practice, and you will not get any better if you quit, but don't become obsessed with perfection! Draw because you want to! Draw if you enjoy it! Find a style you enjoy and draw with it! You will not always get good ratings or feedback, but don't let that dissuade you. If someone is trying to give you advice, take it into consideration and learn from it. If someone is just being a jerk then ignore it. But please just draw for you. 

I will end this entry with my own bit of advice: I got started drawing by trying to mimic artists that I enjoy. If there's an art style you like then try to learn from it. Possibly look up information about the artist's technique. Eventually your own art style will flourish from that. Artists that personally I have tried to mimic and that have helped inspire me are Johnny Ryan (Prison Pit), Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim), Koutarou Sekine (Ninja Slayer Kills!), Jimmy Giegerich (Fight Frogs, Executioner and Friend), Clement Suave (Army of Two 40th Day concept art, GI Joe Renegades), Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist), Kentaro Miura (Berserk), Ken Ishikawa (Getter Robo, Yakuza Weapon), Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto), Kelly Turnbull (Manly Guys Doing Manly Things), and Fred Gallagher (Megatokyo) and that's only to name a few.... or a lot... wow that got out of hand.

If you read all of this to the end you deserve a reward!.... I don't have anything to give but just saying you deserve something.... Sorry. 

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21 Today

2016-01-21 04:00:41 by SMOKER9

Yep, today's my birthday, lol. I am now 21 years old. What exactly do I plan to do today? Prolly gonna marathon Rob Zombie's movies with my mom and brother, then draw more metal inspired artwork. lolz